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Fire & Ambulance

For safety and assistance for the safety patrol, it would be helpful if all lake properties posted their fire number address on the lakeside.

Fire Calls: The Town contracts with the Whitewater Fire Department for fire services. In 2019 the town paid $39,200 to have on-call fire service (compared with $35,000 in 2018, $30,400 in 2017, and $26,440 in 2016) just to have the service available. In addition, there is a charge of $1,000 per call (increase from $900) for the first hour plus $250 for each additional hour plus expenses whenever the fire trucks leave the garage even for a false alarm, smell of gas, an unreported controlled burn, etc. The minimum $1,000 fee and any additional costs will be passed on to the property owner where the fire occurred. Payments for these services are due to the town upon receipt. Property owners should check with their homeowner’s insurance to see if any amount of this cost is covered.

Ambulance Calls: The Town contracts with the City of Whitewater for EMS / ambulance services. In 2019 the town paid $23,020 to have on-call EMS/ambulance service (compared with $20,554 in 2018, $18,685 in 2017, and $15,068 in 2016) just to have the service available. In addition, the City will also bill users for each ambulance call charge depending on equipment used and distance to hospital. Payments for these services are due upon receipt. If you have health insurance, please contact them for payment of ambulance bills.

It's imperative that driveways are clear (plowing, low branches removed, etc.) to allow access to fire trucks and ambulances which are taller and wider than regular vehicles.

Controlled Burns: To report a controlled burn, call the Whitewater Fire Department at 262-473-0555 and choose the option for dispatch and call the Walworth County Sheriff Department at 262-741-4400. You'll be asked to give your name, location, and phone number.

Garbage & Recycling

NEW for 2019: We'll still receive the same great service from John's Disposal, but we'll have the following services all included:
- Garbage pick up every week (same as previous)
- Recycling pick up EVERY week (this is new)
- Bulk call in once per month up to 12x per year (different in that you have to call John's to schedule)
- Electronics pick up up to 12x per year (NEW and you must call John's to schedule - this counts as your bulk for the month)

All homes in the Town are serviced by John’s Disposal. Refuse and recycling are picked up weekly and bulk pickup must be scheduled any time during the month by calling John's Disposal at 262-473-4700.  The bulk pick up, which now includes electronics, is the only time things can be put out without being in one of the containers you received from John’s Disposal. The Whitewater Town solid waste ordinance (click here to read the solid waste ordinance) states that no items should be put out more than 24 hours prior to pick up and no later than 6:00am on the day of pick up.

When a new house is completed contact the Treasurer at 262-473-4639 so refuse & recycling can be started and John’s Disposal can deliver the totes you will need for pick up. Complaints or questions regarding pick up should be made to John’s Disposal at 262-473-4700.

Garbage and Recycling Collection Schedule

Click here for a Recycling Flyer listing all recyclable materials.

TV’s and electronics are collected in the bulk collections. Contact John’s (262-473-4700) to schedule your monthly bulk pick up.

The following items are banned from landfills and incinerators in Wisconsin and should be recycled:
- Televisions
- Computers (desktop, laptop, netbook and tablet computers)
- Desktop printers (including those that scan, fax and/or copy)
- Computer monitors
- Other computer accessories (including mice, keyboards and speakers)
- DVD players, VCRs and DVRs
- Fax machines
- Cell phones

NO NEEDLES SHOULD BE PUT WITH GARBAGE OR RECYCLING. There are containers made for needle disposal, check with your doctor or hospital.

• If the weeds are invasive species, then they should be bagged, labeled and put in the garbage. This allows the John's driver to know why it's being brought to the landfill and ensures they won't for any reason bring these to a composting site.
• If the weeds are non-invasive, then they should be composted in a compost-site. Residents are also allowed to dump yard waste (including non-invasive weeds) at the John's facility on 107 Hwy U.

There is NO dumping of any material at the Town Hall.

Helpful links and publications:
Burning Information
Recycling Information
E-cycle collector list
Burning garbage
Recycling plastic & film
Wisconsin Recycles

Background information on why it is important to e-cycle:
E-waste is one of the fastest growing parts of municipal solid waste worldwide. People have more electronic devices than they did in the past and they are replacing them at an ever-faster rate. Electronics contain valuable reusable materials, including plastics, metals and glass. Recycling or reusing these materials lessens environmental impacts and economic costs by reducing the need for virgin materials in new products.

Electronics also contain harmful materials, including lead, mercury, cadmium, chromium, other heavy metals and chemical flame retardants. When improperly disposed of, these chemicals can pollute our soil and water and impact human health.

Improperly handled e-waste also poses health risks to workers in the United States and in developing countries. Many old electronics are recycled into new electronics. To see what happens when electronics are recycled, watch the video “What Happens When I E-Cycle” at, search “ecycle.”

Forms & Permits

Fireworks: You must obtain a permit from the Town to use fireworks. Please call the Town Hall at 262-473-4639.

Building Permits: State Law requires a building permit to ensure all State Codes are followed. Additional information is available under the "Building Permits" tab.

Operator License Bartender License: State Law requires all bartender's to complete an application, pay a $25 fee, and be approved by the Whitewater Town Board. Click here to download the blank application and instructions.

Mailbox Damage Reimbursement Request: The Town of Whitewater will consider claims for mailboxes damaged when struck by Town equipment performing snow plowing in the right-of-way. The Town will consider reimbursement up to $75 towards the costs to repair or replace mailboxes and/or posts that have been directly hit by Town equipment (not snow or ice being pushed against the mailbox), which were in good condition, and which were installed and maintained in conformance with U.S.P.S. specifications for minimum height and setback.

The Town will not pay claims for mailboxes or posts damaged along Town streets when the Town has determined that:
1. The mailbox and/or post were improperly installed or maintained or were not in good condition;
2. The mailbox was not of a standard design or not placed in conformance with U.S.P.S. specifications even though it might have been damaged by Town equipment;
3. The weight of plowed snow or ice resulted in the damage to the mailbox and/or support structure; or
4. The Town representative determines that a force other than Town equipment caused the damage.
5. Newspaper boxes will not be repaired, replaced, or reinstalled by the Town.
To read the full mailbox damage policy, click here.
To download the claim form, click here.

Local government No-Fee Application for IoH and Ag CMV: An operator is required to apply for a no-fee permit from the maintaining authority of the road on which the IoH/Ag CMV is being operated on. The applications can be downloaded by clicking the links below. Additional information can be found at:
No Fee Permit Application for Implements of Husbandry (IoH) – Local Government (MV2582)
No Fee Permit Application for Agricultural Commercial Vehicles (Ag CMV) – Local Government (MV2583)

Building Permits

Building Inspector / Building Permits: Building Permits are a requirement of the State of Wisconsin, Walworth County and Town of Whitewater.  Building Permits for all structures including new homes, storage, commercial, and agricultural use, including any new construction, extensive remodeling, electrical, plumbing, heating & air, pools, decks and additions. A penalty will be imposed for starting any type of construction without first obtaining a permit.

All permits are issued by appointment only.  For an appointment with the building inspector, please call MZIS at 920-675-9062 or

Commercial Building Inspections are handled by the State of Wisconsin, DSPS-Division of Industry Services, Contact State Building Inspector Steve Gothard, phone 608-235-0568.


Assessor:  If you wish to speak to or make an appointment with the town assessor, please call Gardiner Appraisals at 1-888-756-9726. Open Book will be held Friday, May 11, 2018 from 3-5pm at the Whitewater Town Hall and Board of Review will be Tuesday, May 22 at 12pm. Assessor website

Click here to view the Property Assessment Appeal Guide

Click here to view the Guide for Property Owners

Click here to view the Real Property Objection Form 

Click here to view the Personal Property Objection Form

Request for Waiver of Board of Review Hearing Form

Request to Testify by Telephone or Submit a Sworn Written Statement at the Board of Review Form

Land Management

The Town of Whitewater is under Walworth County zoning restrictions. Property owners contemplating zoning change, conditional use or variance changes, should first contact the Walworth County Land Management office (262-741-4972) to determine the type of change needed, then contact the Town of Whitewater Clerk/Treasurer Carrie Hintz (262-473-4639 or Email: to get on the agenda for the next Town Board Meeting. Contact Carrie at least one week prior to the next Town Board meeting, which is usually the second Wednesday of the month, to get on the agenda.

The Town of Whitewater has adopted the Wisconsin Uniform Dwelling Code (with additions and exclusions) for all one- and two-family dwellings constructed after June 1, 1998. For more information on the building permit and inspection process, click the "Building Permits" tab under "Services."

Commercial Building Inspections are handled by the State of Wisconsin, DSPS-Division of Industry Services, Contact State Building Inspector Steve Gothard, phone 608-235-0568.

Branch Chipping

Branch Chipping Service:

Branch chipping 2019 dates are: May 6, June 3, July 1, August 5, September 9, October 7

Branch Chipping is done by appointment only. Chipping begins the first Monday of May, June, July, August, September and October and usually takes several days to complete.  Please call the Town Hall at 262-473-4639 and leave your name, address and phone number to be added to the list.  The appointment should be made no later than the Friday before the first Monday of the month. Calls taken after Friday will be done the following month.

If you'd like a truck load of the rough chippings, please leave a message at the town hall and they will be delivered the next time they're available.

To be eligible for branch chipping, please comply with the following:
o Call 262.473.4639 by the Friday before the first Monday of the month. (May 6, June 3, July 1, August 5, September 9, October 7)
o Have branch ends placed toward the road in an orderly stack, 3 feet high by 5 feet wide by your fire number. Maximum branch diameter of 6”.
o No roots, leaves or yard debris. (OK to have greens and leaves on branches)
o Do not place branches across the road in the ditch.
o No building materials

Road Maintenance

Road Maintenance: Town of Whitewater provides snowplowing, sanding, mowing, and maintenance for all town roads. The schedule for snow plowing is determined by road usage. The town has 52 miles of road to plow, so please be patient. Please respect the road right-of-way by not using it for dumping of refuse, leaves, branches, or trash. When plowing your driveway, do not push the snow across the road onto Town right-of-way. Please report any dangerous road conditions by calling the Town Hall (262.473.4639).