5-11-2022 Board Meeting Agenda



Town of Whitewater
Walworth County, Wisconsin
Board Meeting Agenda
Wednesday, 5-11-2022
Scheduled for 7:00 PM
W8590 Willis Ray Road

The Town Board of the Town of Whitewater, Walworth County, Wisconsin,
hereby provides its written notice and agenda for the monthly board meeting 5-11-2022:


  1. Call to order
  2. Roll call
  3. Approval of agenda
  4. Approval of minutes for 4-20-2022 Board meeting
  5. Clerk/Treasurer reports
  6. Supervisors’ reports
  7. Public Works report
  8. Sheriff’s report
  9. Wolski variance/convey property
  10. Hockhalter variance
  11. Ellen Schutt – candidate for 31st Assembly District
  12. Contractor’s submission for 2022 road projects – open proposals
  13. Request from Whitewater schoolboard to attend a meeting in July/August
  14. Public input
  15. Review/pay monthly bills
  16. Adjournment

Meeting notice posted at the Town Hall and on the Town of Whitewater website.

Jorja Boiley, Clerk/Treasurer