Minutes Special Town Board Meeting

June 15, 2021

Lowell Hagen called the meeting to order at 5:00 PM, June 15, 2021.

In attendance: Lowell Hagen, Norm Prusener, Bob Strand, Jorja Boiley

Norm Prusener made a motion to approve the agenda as written, seconded by Bob Strand, the motion carried unanimously.

After a review of the Roadman Employment Contract with Mr. Carl Ahrens and based on the Board’s decision voted on at the June 9, 2021 Board Meeting, the position of Roadman for the Town of Whitewater was offered to Mr. Ahrens. He accepted the offer and his start date is set for July 6, 2021.


American Rescue Plan Act is a fund offered through the State of Wisconsin for assistance in the recovery from the pandemic. The money is allocated based on population and each town will receive the money in two installments: June, 2021 and June 2022. The use of the funds must meet specific criteria, the funds must be  used by December 31, 2024 and the projects completed by December 31, 2026. If funds are not used they will be repaid to US Department of Treasury. There is no penalty to the Town if the funds are not used. The Town of Whitewater will receive $153,548.76. (Road repair is not one of the approved expenditures.)

Lowell Hagen made a motion to apply for the ARPA funds by the deadline of June 18, 2021, seconded by Norm Prusener, the motion carried.

Lowell Hagen made a motion to open a money market account for the ARPA fund at First Citizens State Bank, the motion was seconded by Norm Prusener and the motion carried.

A Resolution was presented allowing for an adjustment to the 2021 budget to reflect the infusion of cash as well as expenditures if any are incurred during 2021. Norm Prusener made a motion to pass the resolution, seconded by Bob Strand and the motion carried.

Norm Prusener made a motion to adjourn at 5:49 PM, seconded by Bob Strand and the motion carried.

Respectfully submitted by Jorja Boiley, Clerk/Treasurer