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Controlled Burning: Call the Fire Department Dispatcher at 262-473-0555 and the Walworth County Sheriff's Department at 262-741-4400 to let them know you will be burning on your property. You must stay with the fire until it is out completely. If someone reports the fire on your property you will be responsible for the fire call if you have not called to report the burn. The minimum cost of a fire call is now $1,000. It would be a good idea to check with your insurance company to see what they will pay for a call.

Bicycling, Walking, and Jogging: Exercise is encouraged in the Town. Persons riding bikes must follow all traffic laws. Walkers and joggers are reminded that they must walk on the left side of the road facing oncoming traffic. For safety, please be alert of all traffic.

Recreational Vehicles: Mini bikes, go-carts, four-wheelers, ATV’s and snowmobiles are not allowed on town roads.

Lake Access: There are several lake accesses where boats can be launched. Rice Lake has a State launch on the right side of State Park Road and Whitewater Lake has a launch on the left side of State Park Road at JNT Parkside Marina. The other launches on Kettle Moraine Drive and East Lake Shore Drive have no available parking. Any cars parked on the road must have all four wheels off the blacktop.

Clover Valley Flowing Well: Stop and have a cool drink of spring water and relax. The Channing Flowing Well wayside is located on Clover Valley Road and is used by people daily. There are no restrooms available. Click here for an article about the flowing well. The water is tested every year by Walworth County and you can click each year below to see the lab results.
Lab results: 2012, 2013, 2014, 20152016, 2017, 2018, 2019

Weed Notice: State law prohibits growth of noxious weeds on any lands. Property owners are expected to destroy all noxious weeds before the plants bloom. Failure to do so could result in a 5-day written notice to destroy and if not complied with, such weeds are destroyed and the expense is changed to the said land owner on the next tax bill.

Whitewater/Rice Lake Management District: This is a governmental district which provides maintenance for preservation of Whitewater and Rice lakes. If you are in this district, there is a charge on your tax bill. Their meetings are held the second Thursday of each month at the Town hall at 7 pm.

Parking and/or Storage on Roads or Road Right-of-Way: There is no parking allowed on any town roads or lake accesses. If you are having a family gathering and you need additional parking other than your driveway, contact the Sheriff’s Department for permission to park. All wheels must be off the road. There is no storage permitted in the Town right-of-way.

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